Cardiology & Vascular Diseases

Discover the comprehensive care options available within our Cardiology & Vascular Diseases department. Our specialized team of experts utilizes the latest technology to provide world-class treatment for various heart and vascular conditions.


Vascular Surgery

Trust No Wait Surgery for holistic healthcare management, from diagnosis to recovery, ensuring your well-being.


Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery

Your Partner for Pediatric Heart Care, guiding your child’s journey from diagnosis to treatment.


Pediatric Cardiology

Choose No Wait Surgery for top-tier pediatric cardiology, where every child’s heart health is our priority.


Cardiovascular Surgery

No Wait Surgery, in partnership with Liv Hospital, sets a new standard in cardiovascular surgery in Turkey, offering world-class care, and employing a multidisciplinary approach to patient treatment.



No Wait Surgery, in partnership with Liv Hospital, leads the way in cutting-edge cardiology care in Turkey, employing modern treatments, a collaborative heart team approach, and a focus on patient safety and success.