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Vascular Surgery

Trust No Wait Surgery for holistic healthcare management, from diagnosis to recovery, ensuring your well-being.

About Vascular Surgery

Peripheral arterial disease, a common concern, can lead to limb loss if left untreated. No Wait Surgery offers a seamless journey, from diagnosis to treatment, using cutting-edge technology.

Our Varicose Vein Treatment Unit addresses aesthetic and discomfort issues. No Wait Surgery provides various treatments, including laser, radiofrequency ablation, and foam therapy, ensuring patients’ well-being.

Varicose veins often bring discomfort, affecting daily life and self-esteem. No Wait Surgery’s diagnosis includes non-invasive Color Doppler ultrasound, ensuring accurate evaluation.

Treatment Methods

  • Open Surgery: Safely removes problematic veins with minimal incisions.
  • Laser Treatment: Precisely targets and eliminates affected vessels.
  • Radiofrequency Ablation: Closes leaking veins using advanced technology.

For Vascularized Veins

  • Sclerotherapy: Safely closes veins, enhancing chances of success with post-treatment care.
  • Laser Treatment: Removes visible leg veins effectively.

Choose No Wait Surgery for comprehensive healthcare management. Your well-being is our priority, from diagnosis to recovery.


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