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No Wait Surgery, in partnership with Liv Hospital, leads the way in cutting-edge cardiology care in Turkey, employing modern treatments, a collaborative heart team approach, and a focus on patient safety and success.

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About Cardiology

We deliver state-of-the-art cardiac care through the Cardiology Clinic, where experienced physicians employ the latest technological advancements and modern treatment methodologies to address heart and vascular diseases.

Our collaborative heart team ensures the patient receives the most suitable treatment, driven by teamwork and patient-centric care.

Advanced Treatment for Vital Cardiac Anomalies

Our Cardiology Clinic offers contemporary treatment methods for vital cardiac anomalies and rhythm disorders across all age groups.

With a focus on patient safety and success, we achieve a remarkable 0% complication rate in the first year for patients undergoing procedures such as pacemaker implantation, postoperative angioplasty, and bleeding management.

Trust Your Heart to the Heart Team!

When it comes to heart-related health concerns, individuals are traditionally referred to either a cardiologist or cardiovascular surgeon. However, this approach is evolving, and your heart is now in even safer hands through the adoption of the “Heart Team” concept, a growing trend in developed countries now embraced in Turkey.

The Liv Hospital Heart Team comprises esteemed experts in cardiology and cardiac surgery, ensuring comprehensive and personalized cardiac care.


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