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Interventional Radiology

Leading Radiology Clinic, offering non-surgical options and quick recovery for various conditions.

About Interventional Radiology

No Wait Surgery expertly manages Radiology Clinic services at the Hospitals, offering cutting-edge interventional radiology treatments. Trust us for non-surgical options, from brain aneurysms to varicose veins, ensuring quick recovery.

Key Services

  • Vascular diagnosis and treatments
  • Stenting and angioplasty
  • Aneurysm treatment
  • Embolization for hypervascular tumors
  • Minimally invasive fibroid and adenomyosis treatment
  • Oncologic patient biopsies and ablation
  • Liver tumor treatment
  • Local tumor ablation (RF, Microwave, Nanoknife)
  • Organ biopsies (liver, kidney, lung, bone, prostate, thyroid, pancreas)
  • Drainages and fluid drainage (abscess, collection, biliary and urinary systems, pleural and peritoneal)

No Wait Surgery ensures top-quality care, from diagnosis to post-procedure discharge, all managed seamlessly.


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