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Thoracic Surgery

Explore No Wait Surgery: your trusted partner for comprehensive thoracic care, from diagnosis to treatment excellence.

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About Thoracic Surgery

No Wait Surgery, your dedicated partner in healthcare, manages and oversees the entire range of specialized medical services once offered exclusively by Liv Hospital. We ensure seamless care from the initial diagnosis to successful treatment.

Our Thoracic Surgery Department is a hub of expertise, addressing a wide spectrum of diseases affecting organs from the throat down to the upper abdomen, excluding the heart. Skilled thoracic surgeons handle conditions concerning the esophagus, mediastinum, lungs, chest wall, trachea, and related areas with precision.

Comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services

  • Early detection and treatment of lung cancer
  • Correction of chest wall deformities
  • Removal of tracheal and bronchial foreign bodies
  • Management of air and fluid accumulation in the lungs
  • Innovative heated pleural chemotherapy for lung, pleura, and TIMUS gland cancers
  • Treatment for various cystic and bronchiectatic lung diseases
  • Expert care for benign and malignant esophageal conditions
  • Diagnosis and treatment of pleural diseases
  • State-of-the-art endoscopic interventions
  • Efficient removal of esophageal foreign bodies
  • Surgical solutions for conditions like Reynaud’s disease and excessive sweating
  • Expert management of chest wall and chest cavity tumors and cysts
  • Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS)
  • Cutting-edge endoscopic balloon and valve techniques for COPD
  • Skillful stent and laser applications for air and esophagus issues
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) treatment
  • Mesothelioma (lung membrane cancer) interventions
  • Surgery for all mediastinal problems beyond the lungs
  • Specialized pediatric care for breast issues
  • Advanced Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS) procedures

At No Wait Surgery, your health is our top priority. We combine expert staff and the latest technology to deliver comprehensive care and optimal outcomes. Trust us to manage your entire medical journey with precision and compassion. Your path to healing begins here.


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