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Regenerative Medicine & Stemcell Center

No Wait Surgery can proudly manage and organise the full spectrum of services at our state-of-the-art Regenerative Medicine Stem Cell Production Center.

About Regenerative Medicine & Stemcell Center

We’re dedicated to delivering safe and top-quality biological products, setting new standards in patient care in Turkey and beyond. Our mission is to harness the latest genetic sciences and biotechnology to provide cutting-edge cellular and tissue-based treatments while navigating complex legal, financial, and manufacturing challenges.

The Future of Medicine with Uncompromising Excellence

No Wait Surgery’s Regenerative Medicine Stem Cell Production Center is committed to enhancing and extending patients’ quality of life. We leverage advanced technology in stem cell therapies and tissue engineering to create clinical solutions for individuals suffering from various diseases and injuries, all with an unwavering commitment to perfection.

Manufacturing Excellence at GMP Standards

Our center operates under “clean room status” in compliance with GMP standards, covering 124 square meters within our hospital. This world-class facility, active since 2014 and licensed by the Ministry of Health, adheres to rigorous standards. Our clean rooms boast regularly filtered air and continuous particle counting, ensuring a pristine work environment. We house dedicated manufacturing, storage, quality control, and office areas, meticulously documented and monitored to maintain optimal conditions.

Let Your Body Regenerate Itself

At No Wait Surgery, we harness regenerative cells from a patient’s tissues to address medical and cosmetic concerns that traditional methods can’t resolve. Ethical guidelines are our compass, ensuring patient health and interests always come first. Through collaborative efforts across medical disciplines, we provide lasting solutions for conditions that conventional treatments often cannot heal.

Applications Across Multiple Fields

Our scientific research has paved the way for stem cell treatments to enter clinical applications. These methods are currently transforming orthopedics, plastic surgery, dermatology, vascular surgery, brain and nerve surgery, and neurology.

GMP: Elevating Healthcare Quality

No Wait Surgery adheres to GMP standards, mandatory for ensuring the quality of pharmaceutical products and, more importantly, human health. Our center, licensed since 2014, upholds these stringent quality standards, ensuring constant monitoring and control for product suitability. Clean room conditions, with Class B and C areas, enable us to manufacture and test cellular products with unmatched precision. Independent audits and rigorous quality control procedures guarantee excellence in every aspect of our operation.

Choose No Wait Surgery for a future where medical care is synonymous with excellence, precision, and trust. Your journey to optimal health begins with us.


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