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Radiation Oncology

At No Wait Surgery, we're dedicated to personalized cancer care, offering radiotherapy as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with chemotherapy, before or after surgery.

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About Radiation Oncology

Radiotherapy, a vital component in cancer treatment, is seamlessly managed by No Wait Surgery. We understand that 70% of all cancer patients require radiotherapy at some stage of their treatment.

Leading the Way in Radiotherapy Excellence

Our Radiotherapy Oncology Department employs cutting-edge technology like Versa-HD Hexapod, ensuring precise treatment delivery. With Versa-HD Hexapod, we achieve rapid dosing at the tumor site, offering maximum protection to healthy tissues.

This advanced technology is particularly effective in treating lung, breast, prostate, and spinal region cancers, showcasing its versatility in managing all cancer types requiring radiotherapy.

Precision and Safety

Versa-HD Hexapod guarantees precise tumor targeting, minimizing radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissues. Our approach prioritizes your safety and well-being throughout your treatment.

Setting New Standards in Turkey

No Wait Surgery is proud to introduce Acuros XB dose calculation software, a groundbreaking advancement in radiotherapy planning. This innovative system ensures accurate treatment planning in record time, setting new standards for cancer care in Turkey.

With No Wait Surgery, you can trust that your cancer treatment is managed with expertise, precision, and the utmost care, from start to finish.


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