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Pediatric Surgery

Choose No Wait Surgery for Pediatric Surgery – Your Child's Well-Being, Our Priority.

About Pediatric Surgery

At No Wait Surgery Pediatric Surgery Clinic, we cater to children from birth to 16 years old, addressing a wide range of digestive, urinary, and non-cardiac outpatient surgical concerns. Our approach emphasizes minimally invasive techniques, such as laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, and endoscopy, tailored to the specific condition.

Expert Pediatric Surgery Team

Children deserve the utmost care during their critical growth and development years. Our team of experts, extensively trained in advanced treatment methods, ensures that children receive compassionate and state-of-the-art care promptly. No Wait Surgery is not just a clinic; it’s a trusted choice for pediatric patients.

Swift Recovery, Remarkable Success

No Wait Surgery’s Pediatric Surgery Clinic has achieved extraordinary success, even with complex cases like “ganglioneurroblastoma” and “retroperitoneal teratoma” cancers, which are exceedingly rare worldwide. Utilizing minimally invasive techniques, we achieve over 100% success rates, minimal scarring, rapid recoveries, and virtually pain-free experiences.

Cutting-Edge Methods

Our clinic employs laparoscopic methods for procedures like circumcision, gall bladder, undescended testis, appendicitis, and hirschsprung operations. For kidney and bladder diseases, we opt for cystoscopic approaches, while esophageal/bronchoscopic methods are chosen for foreign body removals and conditions in the respiratory and digestive systems. These methods offer minimal scarring, reduced infection risk, and a quicker return to social and school life for our young patients compared to open surgeries.

Newborn Circumcision Advantages

Research shows that neonatal and infantile urinary tract infection rates drop significantly with circumcision. No Wait Surgery’s experienced pediatric surgery team ensures a safe, swift procedure, allowing parents to resume their daily activities promptly. The seamless nature of our circumcision procedure, without cutting and stitching, contributes to its high success rate.


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