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Pediatric Psychology

Your trusted partner for holistic child and adolescent psychology care, from assessment to tailored therapy.

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About Pediatric Psychology

At No Wait Surgery, we take the lead in organizing and managing a comprehensive range of services, including the Child and Adolescent Psychology Department. We understand that addressing behavioral and academic challenges in children and adolescents requires a holistic approach.

Our team at the Child and Adolescent Psychology Department conducts thorough assessments of both the young individuals and their families. We offer a wide spectrum of psychotherapies tailored to their unique needs, including game therapy, individual therapies (psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral), group therapy, and child/adolescent-oriented family therapy. When necessary, we collaborate closely with the Child-Adolescent Psychiatry Department to ensure the most effective care.

We specialize in addressing common psychological issues affecting children and adolescents, such as fear and anxiety, toilet training difficulties, obsessions, intra-familial disputes, communication problems, discipline challenges, school-related issues, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, specific learning disabilities, behavioral concerns, and navigating the complexities of divorce processes.

With No Wait Surgery, you can trust that your child’s well-being is our top priority, and we manage every aspect of their care, from evaluation to treatment, with expertise and compassion.


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