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Pediatric Oncology

Your Partner for Comprehensive Pediatric Cancer Care. Trust Us for a Better Tomorrow.

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About Pediatric Oncology

No Wait Surgery, your trusted partner in healthcare, ensures a comprehensive and seamless approach to pediatric cancer treatment. Our dedicated Pediatric Oncology Clinic operates with a 360-degree perspective, emphasizing teamwork and swift decision-making.

A Unified Approach to Pediatric Cancer Care

At No Wait Surgery, we prioritize swift action. Our Pediatric Oncology Council, dedicated exclusively to pediatric cancers, ensures that decisions are made promptly, minimizing delays in treatment protocols.

Teamwork for Optimal Treatment Compliance

Our goal is maximum treatment compliance. We engage not only the child but also their family in the modern treatment process. The pediatric oncologist orchestrates the medication part of the treatment, ensuring a comprehensive approach. Beyond cure, we focus on preventing recurrence.

State-of-the-Art Treatment Protocols

No Wait Surgery’s Pediatric Oncology Clinic adheres to the latest treatment protocols and leverages cutting-edge technology to address solid tumors and cancers affecting children and adolescents. In complex cases, we offer a valuable “second opinion.”

Precision Treatment Planning

Children undergoing radiotherapy receive special attention. We meticulously plan treatments to account for the developing bone cartilage. Precise tumor targeting and dose adjustment are crucial to safeguard surrounding tissues.

Multidisciplinary Decision-Making

No Wait Surgery’s Pediatric Oncology Council includes experts in pediatric surgery, pediatric brain surgery, thoracic surgery, and otorhinolaryngology. Together, they determine the best approach for surgical procedures, biopsies, and catheter placements. Decisions regarding surgical extraction are made considering the tumor’s interaction with surrounding organs, and the timing of surgical treatment in relation to chemo/radiotherapy is carefully planned.


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