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Newborn Intensive Care

Trust No Wait Surgery for top-tier neonatal care, managing every detail from start to finish.

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About Newborn Intensive Care

At No Wait Surgery, we lead the way in providing the highest level of neonatal care, managing every aspect of your baby’s health journey with precision and expertise.

Individually Tailored Care in Separate Rooms

We understand the critical importance of safeguarding your newborn’s health. That’s why, in a groundbreaking move for Turkey, No Wait Surgery Neonatal Unit places each infant in separate rooms, eliminating the risk of hospital infections. Our vigilance ensures zero infections among newborns, as our physicians judiciously administer smart antibiotics.

Premature Baby Care in Isolation

In our Neonatal Unit, the infection rate is an astounding 2 percent. This remarkable achievement is due to our practice of treating premature infants, who require specialized care, in isolated rooms. Compare this to the international average of 15-20 percent infection rates. At No Wait Surgery, we proudly boast a 100 percent survival rate for very low birth weight babies under 1000 grams.

Collaborative Expertise

When necessary, we adopt a multidisciplinary approach, collaborating with seasoned physicians from pediatric neurology, pediatric cardiology, pediatric endocrinology, cardiovascular surgery, retina, and neurosurgery branches to ensure the best care for your little one.

State-of-the-Art In-Room Examinations

No need to move your precious baby from their cozy incubator for essential tests. In our unit, we conduct ultrasound imaging, direct radiological examinations, retinal examinations, hearing tests, brain EEG, and ECG right at their bedside. Our portable technological services guarantee comfort and safety during medical examinations.

Healthy Discharges for Advanced Premature Infants

At No Wait Surgery Newborn Care Unit, we merge cutting-edge neonatal intensive care technology with unmatched experience. Advanced premature infants and newborns facing other risk factors can be safely discharged in excellent health. For those at risk, post-birth follow-up in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is available, followed by visits to our Risk Baby Monitoring Polyclinic.


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