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General Intensive Care

Leading the way in intensive care, providing advanced treatments and continuous monitoring for your well-being.

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About General Intensive Care

No Wait Surgery works closely with the Hospital’s General Intensive Care Unit, delivering patient-centered, multidisciplinary care. Our unit is equipped with modern medical technologies, including advanced monitoring and treatment facilities. We offer a well-equipped, isolated, single-bed room for optimal patient care.

Our dedicated team of faculty members and specialists ensures continuous patient monitoring and treatment, day and night. With a nursing service for up to 2 patients, we enhance care quality and safety.

At No Wait Surgery, our goal is to achieve excellent clinical outcomes, utilizing cutting-edge intensive care approaches and organ support systems. Our success is evidenced by the positive results we consistently achieve through services like hemodiafiltration, hemodialysis, plasmapheresis, and ECMO.

We meticulously evaluate our clinical activities monthly, comparing our data to global and national standards, consistently meeting our goals. With No Wait Surgery, your journey to recovery is expertly managed, from start to finish.


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