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Endocrine Surgery

Your partner for endocrine care, pioneering technology, and personalized treatment from diagnosis to recovery.

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About Endocrine Surgery

No Wait Surgery expertly works with Liv Hospital’s Endocrine Surgery Clinic, ensuring seamless and multidisciplinary care. Our team comprises endocrine surgeons, endocrinology and metabolic diseases specialists, oncology experts, and nuclear medicine professionals.

Department of Nuclear Medicine

Our Nuclear Medicine Department boasts over a decade of experience, offering world-class diagnostics and treatment. Specially protected inpatient units facilitate precise and comfortable nuclear medicine diagnosis and treatment, especially for thyroid cancer patients.

Minimally Invasive Excellence

At No Wait Surgery Endocrine Surgery Clinic, we employ minimally invasive techniques for thyroid and parathyroid gland diseases, prioritizing patient comfort and vocal cord protection with nerve monitoring technology.

Complication-Free Care

Our clinic embraces cutting-edge health technologies, ensuring zero postoperative complications for patients. Whether it’s total thyroidectomy or adenoma removal, our methods and post-operative support deliver exceptional cosmetic results.

Robotic Advancements

Laparoscopic and robotic surgery shine in treating adrenal gland tumors, reducing patient pain and postoperative complications like hemorrhage and infection. Patients recover faster and resume their normal lives sooner.

Multidisciplinary Excellence

At No Wait Surgery, your endocrine health journey is our responsibility, from diagnosis through the highest standards of ethical care, all managed seamlessly from start to finish.


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