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Child Development

Nurturing children's development from infancy to adolescence, with comprehensive care and expertise.

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About Child Development

No Wait Surgery, in collaboration with leading experts, organizes and manages the Child Development Department’s services. Our educational program, tailored for children aged 0 to 18, nurtures mental, language, motor, social, and emotional growth. We guide parents in addressing challenges, ensuring your child’s holistic development.

Fostering Healthy Children:

  • Holistic child development (social, mental, speech, and motor).
  • Vigilant monitoring for at-risk children (premature infants, ICU cases).
  • Curating safe toys and games to match their developmental stage.
  • Regulating diet, sleep, and toilet routines.
  • Harmonizing sibling relationships.
  • Addressing behavior disorders (incontinence, nail-biting, finger-sucking, irritability, stubbornness, etc.).
  • Advising on the optimal age for kindergarten or elementary school entry.

Clinical Support for Developmental Challenges:

  • Tackling general developmental disorders and autism.
  • Nurturing gifted and talented children.
  • Assisting children with speech issues (stuttering, delayed speech, etc.).
  • Supporting children with attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, learning difficulties, and intellectual disabilities.
  • Caring for children with hearing impairments, neurological, genetic, and metabolic conditions.
  • Enhancing developmental skills for children with health concerns or extended hospital stays.

No Wait Surgery is your partner in ensuring your child’s optimal development, from infancy through adolescence, managing every step of their journey with care and expertise.


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